• Image of Procreation T-Shirt + Album Bundle

A bundle with both the "Procreation" T-shirt and album.
T-shirt can be ordered in both black and white.


I. Procreation (1:01)
II. Descension (4:37)
III. Shapeshifter (5:35)
IV. Obsidian Chromatism (4:46)
V. Xenoblight (2:57)
VI. Nocturnal Manifestations (6:58)
VII. Transcendence (5:16)
VIII. Kill Yourself. (0:52)
IX. Predominance (6:22)
X. Virus (5:31)

Total length: 44:00.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at SolnaSound Recording with Simon Johansson (Wolf/Memory Garden) and Mike Wead (King Diamond/bibleblack).